Assassin's Creed: Origins is...


So refreshing. I was really hesitant to buy this game. I didn't preorder and I honestly wasn't going to pick it up until I decided I wanted to do a review. I was prepared to rip this game to shreds too. After playing quite a bit I can safely say that I like this game. I haven't loved an AC game since Revelation (black flag was good but didn't keep me hooked) but I think this might be taking over as my new favorite. Now it should be made clear that I lose my sh*t for good archery mechanics in games. I love Farcry because I play through with the bow as much as possible and Horizon: Zero Dawn is my game of the year. When I saw the bows in this game I was fairly sure it was going to be like the old ones where it would lock on to a target, I would press the button, and then they would drop. As I started to see more gameplay I realized I was wrong and it began to pique my interest. Having played it, I can safely say that it is way more fun than I expected. The mechanics are more polished but they feel like Assassin's Creed for better or worse (expect to accidentally jump to your death once or twice) and the story is more engaging than previous entries. There are less boring "follow" missions so far and I have only been out of the animus for a minute or two. All in all they fixed a lot of my gripes.

CONCLUSION: Worth a try!

-TNG Contributor: EntryFraggot