Battlefront II is...


Fine. It's alright. Seriously, I was as mad as anybody when all of this drama erupted. I went and canceled my preorder Immediately. I was talking with a fellow TNG contributor and we both agreed that we needed to play it and we even wanted to but we did not want EA to be rewarded. Then, as luck would have it, I happened across a pre-owned copy and picked it up to test the waters. We have both now played a fair bit of the campaign and the multiplayer and we have come to the conclusion that it is absolutely, without a doubt, undeniably okay. The graphics are beautiful but the controls are cumbersome. The story is engaging but it teases you by letting you play with heroes that you haven't unlocked for other modes. There is split-screen but only in certain modes. All things considered it really rides the middle. It doesn't live up to the nostalgia of the original but at the end of the day we turned it on, had some drinks, and had a good time with a small group of close friends which, to me, is what gaming is all about. 


CONCLUSION: *Answer not unlocked yet.*

-TNG Contributor: EntryFraggot