Skyrim VR is...


What VR was made for. I, like anybody, sank countless hours into Skyrim over several different iterations. I loved the freedom it offered. When it was announced for VR (and for the purposes of this review, we'll be talking about the PSVR version) I felt a mix of emotions. On the one hand, I was excited to get to see everything in the game up close like I had imagined so many times. On the other, I was concerned. I enjoy VR and I think it has cemented it's place in gaming life but to take on such a massive game seemed brave. I was worried that there would be some game-breaking problem and it just wouldn't translate well. I am happy to announce, however, that it does. The graphics look poor given today's standard and movement takes some getting used to but overall, it's just amazing. The first time a dragon flies over in the wild is something that I can't even describe. Now I would say that the way to play is with the move controllers. Go into settings straight away and turn on the free movement. It takes a second to get used to but really it's just that. The bow and arrow is really what sold it for me. As I have said before, I love a good bow and arrow. Getting to hold out my dwarven bow and rapidly fire arrows was the most satisfying thing I've done in gaming in a while. I played for so long that I forgot I was in my home and didn't notice that everybody had gone to sleep and I was standing alone in the living room. 


-TNG Contributor: EntryFraggot