Top 5 Christmas Movies

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It's Christmas time again! I suppose it has been for a while if you take hints from your local supermarket. Whenever you start celebrating, odds are you've been bombarded with Christmas films for weeks at the very least and it probably isn't going to end any time soon. So we thought we would pitch our top 5 Christmas movies so you can skip the nonsense and get to the gems. Now it should be stated that the first 4 items on this list are in no particular order. Two of us each picked our top two and then we agreed on the best one to fill the number one slot. Also, Elf. Yeah it's good. I'd even call it an instant classic. I've seen it every year since it came out and I still enjoy it but we didn't put it on the list. We did that on purpose. Call it an honorable mention. Anyway here is the list.

White Christmas- This one comes from co-host TheIronMuff. What do I really need to say about it? It's not only a Christmas classic but a film classic. As much as we tried to think outside the box and avoid cliches, this was always going to make the list. If for no other reason, watch this one for Bing Crosby. 

Christmas Vacation- Okay, okay. I hear you. "But you said you were trying to avoid cliches." I know but come on. Alright here's how this ended up on here. Actually, here's where this list even came from. So the other day my girlfriend mentioned that she hadn't seen Elf. We watched it (she fell asleep) but during the movie it somehow came up that she had never seen Christmas  Vacation either. I started in about how there are certain movies that everybody should see and that's a big one. Anyway now here I am writing out this list to help other couples avoid this sort of conflict in their own lives. This movie is phenomenal and it should be seen by every person at least once. 

Just Friends- I am so mad that TheIronMuff managed to get this out before I did because I wanted to take credit for recommending this. This was the movie that turned me on to Ryan Reynolds. The humor is subtle when it needs to be and bold when it can afford to be. The characters are absurd yet relatable. It has that guy from American Pie in it. No, not that one. Not that one either. Yeah Oz. That one. The story, as bizarre as it gets, manages to feel genuine and even heart-warming. If you're looking for a break from the Christmas norm, watch this.

Time of the Doctor- Yeah okay, this isn't a movie. I get it. But you sit around and try to come up with Christmas movies that both don't suck and weren't going to by watched by everybody anyway. It's harder than you think. Yeah I could have said Scrooged, or A Christmas Story but you all remember those. So watch Time of the Doctor. It is the Christmas special of Doctor Who from 2013. It's also the last episode where we get Matt Smith as the doctor and he absolutely kills it. As far as Christmas specials go, this is up there with Charlie Brown and Johnny Bravo for me. If you want a real treat, watch Day of the Doctor just before you watch this. 

And the number one choice. Hands down the best Christmas movie around is...

Die Hard- As if there was ever any doubt in your mind. See everybody pushes Frozen down our throats but that's a Summer movie. Die Hard is an actual Christmas movie. Go watch it; I'm not wrong. In fact, google Christmas movies. See? There is no way to watch this movie and not enjoy it. If you're not a Bruce Willis fan then it has Alan Rickman. The message is timeless probably and no matter how old the movie gets, it really doesn't age. The winter weather outside will only add to the atmosphere. This needs to be a yearly watch for you.