PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was made for PC, but brought to Xbox.


Read the title. Now read it again. Yes, PUBG has released for Xbox One and being someone who slightly leans Xbox, I was thrilled. I’ve played it on PC and though I haven’t put in a huge amount of time, I have put in around 40 hours of gameplay on my desktop. I picked up a download code around noon today, left it to download while I took my last final for the day and promptly started the game as soon as I got home. I’ve played a total of 15 matches, of which I have some thoughts and concerns. I understand that this is “pre-release”, but that still doesn’t change the fact that I paid 30 dollars for the damn thing. Now, when paying this amount, I expect at least a 6/10 game, but instead was disappointed with a game ridiculed with performance issues. The controls are cramped and the game transfers poorly from mouse and keyboard to the Xbox One controller (which I consider the best controller since the Xbox 360 controller, but this is only an opinion). Im running on an Xbox One S and the game just doesn’t look or feel great, and I’ve also been alerted that it doesn’t play much better on an Xbox One X. Somehow the inventory and looting scheme is actually worse than it is on PC, which again is another downfall. One of my biggest knit-picks is that there is no aim assist at all. Unless you’re shooting at a player standing completely still or someone who is within inches of you, you’ll end up wasting ammo trying to register a single hit. Despite all this, Microsoft has done a great job of trying to include all the PC aspects into the the Xbox One version, yet maybe this isn’t something that console gamers actually needed or even wanted. Honestly, my friends and I found ourselves jumping back on to Fortnite: Battle Royale within a couple of hours and we’re in general consensus that PUBG is fun when we play with each other, however it needs some serious reform before we go back and really try to grind it out the same way we do when playing Fortnite.


Muff’s Verdict: There’s a chance the price may go up for the “actual” game, but there’s also a chance that the “polished” version will still suck. Stick to Fortnite or don’t, it is your call.