Three Things Star Wars Should Do Now. [Potential Spoilers]


Potential Spoilers for all things Star Wars ahead. Ye be warned. 

Despite the best critic reviews of a Star Wars film since Empire, TLJ has opened to mixed fan reviews. You know what they say, nobody hates Star Wars like Star Wars fans. Whatever your opinions are, you can't argue that TLJ is at least a change of pace. Whether you like the changes made by Rian Johnson or not, it is undeniably different. So that got me thinking; now that we're shaking things up what else should we try? 

A Western: Okay hear me out. Western's aren't necessarily about the setting. A western is about a character who is good, with a little bit of a bad streak, standing up to an enemy he should not be able to beat to protect people he doesn't really have to protect. That's not true but tell me I'm wrong. Now this should be the Obi-Wan standalone film. It could take place right after ROTS. Anakin has just killed most of the Jedi and Obi-Wan, having done everything he can, retreats to the deserts of Tatooine. He's broken and has no self confidence. Enter the bad guy. It just some medium level gangster. Some kind of mob boss or maybe a bounty hunter. Somebody who is causing trouble in town. Obi-Wan is indifferent at first. He doesn't want to get involved and feels that even if he did, he would only fail and risk the lives of more people. Then we watch him overcome this, defeat the enemy, and settle back in to watch over Luke as he grows only now he is at peace with himself. This could and should be done on a small budget and be kept very small scale. 

A Post-Apocalypse Survival Movie: Picture this. We open on a planet that has been absolutely ravaged by the empire. Buildings in pieces, big space animals roaming the streets, and a small but powerful ground presence of Imperial (or First Order) troops. Then we pan over to our main character. Together with a rag-tag group of fellow survivors he must... uhh get the MacGuffin from a heavily fortified base across the city or something. Look I haven't fully formed this idea yet but think about it. Picture the huge set pieces we could see destroyed and the crazy things we could experience in a world that was once full of massive space-age technologies and is now being reclaimed by freaky alien nature. We could tell the story of what destroyed the world through flashbacks or a really cool opening sequence and then watch a small group of strangers learn to fight and survive under their new circumstances. Like Zombieland but without the zombies and set on Coruscant. 

A Horror Movie: This is my favorite idea and probably the one that gets the least love when I talk about it. The Star Wars film universe is expanding and I think we're ready for something like this. Who wouldn't love to watch a horror movie set in the Star Wars universe? It doesn't even have to be an Alien knock-off. You could do a slasher movie or get creative and do some kind of paranormal thing. Maybe an alien that has no physical form but inhabits a host body gets on a ship and works it's way through the crew. You could even do psychological horror. Those long space flights have to cause some kind of cabin fever effect. There are a ton of possibilities here. I'm not saying it would be easy to do well but if done well it would be something truly special. If all else fails, it's been done in book form with a zombie situation. That could be a good starting point!

TNG Contributor-EntryFraggot