5 Shows To Binge During The Winter Break


So for many of us, winter break is in full force. If you're anything like us here at TNG that means binge-watch city. For those of you not sure what to watch next, we went ahead and compiled a list of a few of our favorite shows for binge-watching. We tried to set some rules for this and they made it tough. The problem with really great shows is that they tend to last a while and while I absolutely think you should go watch all 8 (yes 8) seasons of Scrubs, it's not exactly feasible to do during the break. So with that in mind, here are our favorite shows you can watch in a totally reasonable amount of time.

The Ranch (Netflix) (TheIronMuff)- This one was an odd choice to me (EntryFraggot) but I'll roll with it. I'm not going to lie I actually haven't seen much of this show but when I saw the cast list I was on board. Danny Masterson is such and underrated actor. This show definitely gives him a chance to show some of his range and together with Sam Elliot and Ashton Kutcher it really is a pretty dynamite cast. To be fair, I would watch videos of Sam Elliot reading Bronte novels and reasonably satisfied. If you're looking for something that provides a good range of emotions and is headed up by a couple of multi-camera sitcom vets then this one is for you.

The Magicians (Netlix, SYFY) (EntryFraggot)- I was pretty skeptical about this show for a long time. I passed by the thumbnail a dozen or so times before I decided it wasn't for me. Then, one day it auto-played after something else I was watching and I watched the whole first season in a day. Now, there are 2 really good seasons down and another one coming up on January 10th. Seriously, I can't talk this show up enough. It's like a grown up Narnia mixed with some Harry Potter. The mythology is good and the characters are compelling and three-dimensional. It doesn't feel like it panders to any demographic. It's just all around good. 

Master of None (Netflix) (TheIronMuff)- Okay I'm going to say this once and then just let the hate mail happen. I DON'T LIKE AZIZ ANSARI. I know. Get it all out. I just don't really like his comedy. I first saw him on Scrubs and I just didn't like him then and I don't like him now. Now that that's over, this show is refreshingly different from what I expected. It's almost touching. I'm not going to go on long for this one but I will say this, even if you hate Aziz for his comedy and his reliably annoying character in your favorite show go ahead and give this one a try. It's worth it. 

The Orville (Hulu, Fox) (EntryFraggot)- I was excited for this show from the first trailer I saw and yet somehow I missed the first few episodes. My sister actually brought it up to me after it had started and I'm glad she did. This show is fantastic. It's like a lighthearted take on Star Trek. Led by Seth MacFarlane and featuring a capable and fun-to-watch supporting cast, this show is almost definitely better than the actual new Star Trek show. There is one season done and ready to binge on Hulu. With 12 or so episodes at an hour each it will make for a good day and it's already been renewed for 2 more seasons so you can get in on the ground floor of something really great. 

Honorable Mentions: Channel Zero (SYFY), Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Hulu), F is for Family (Netflix), The Grand Tour (Hulu), Westworld (HBO)

Black Mirror (Netflix) (TNG Staff)- I can't think of a better show to binge in the winter. Nothing will make you not want to leave your living room like this. This show is so dark and depressing and yet somehow you can't stop watching. It manages to mix subtle, believable sci-fi with social commentary and brilliant performances to create something truly special. Now know that this show is not for the faint of heart (or stomach). The seasons are short but the episodes are long so you really get sucked in. It's also an anthology so it stays fresh no matter how long you watch. The best part is that the new season hit today so there's even more to watch. This is definitely a solid show for a TV bender.