Wolfenstein 2 is giving me Dark Souls rage and I love it.


So I know it's late but I finally got around to playing Wolfenstein 2. I've come to not expect much these days. I found I enjoy games more when I don't get on board the hype train. Wolfenstein made that easy because I never actually got into the first one. I played the old ones forever ago but something about the reboot just didn't catch my attention for some reason. I'm not usually into this style of games and I'm not sure what got me so interested in this one. The marketing was good I guess. Whatever the cause, I picked it up and I'm glad I did. The story is done really well. Right from the beginning it grabs the heart-strings and doesn't let go. It also looks phenomenal. The game-play is pretty straightforward. If you grew up on Doom, Duke Nukem, and of course classic Wolfenstein then it will feel familiar but it's fresh and polished well enough that it doesn't feel old. The weapon upgrade system is simple and the perk tree levels based on how you play instead of giving a generic "level point" for xp gains. Also, you're going to die a lot. I have it set on what I assumed would be a safe-bet difficulty and it's like reliving when I first started Bloodborne. You go from Golden God to a pile of pulp very quickly but it's so satisfying when you do make it through. 

CONCLUSION: The Best Kind of Rage.