Fortnite: Battle Royale is...


Incredibly addictive. Before you continue, let me clarify that this article is all written about Fortnite: Battle Royal, the free to play PvP Survival mode on PS4 and Xbox One. With that being noted, the game is great. I’ve put in around 50 hours now and I haven’t had a game keep me glued to the controller like Fortnite does in a long while. With the whole PubG scheme of play, and it’s own animated style of graphics, the game itself is just damn fun to play. The weapons can be unbalanced and the building mechanics need some work, but once you play a few matches and break yourself in everything will eventually come pretty easy. You can definitely play by yourself, but the real fun is teaming up with some good friends online and using strategy and communication to win. As someone who plays for fun, Fortnite has made me very competitive since it is a high stakes game. Like any game it has its flaws, but it is free. FREE. I’m sitting in my classes and all I can think about is a free to play game, are you serious? 

CONCLUSION: It’s free. Play it. 

-TNG Contributor: TheIronMuff