5 Games That Deserve A Remaster


I recently witnessed something that got me thinking “isn’t this what gaming is all about?” The thing that I saw? My friend stayed up all night, I’m talking a solid 8 hours at least, playing the Jak and Daxter remaster on PS4. He sat on the couch and gawked and basked in the nostalgia and I couldn’t believe how much he loved it. Now in general, I find myself disappointed with remasters. I guess I just haven’t had much luck. This one got me thinking, though, that maybe there are some games out there that could live up to my nostalgia goggles and even be improved upon with a good remaster. So I got together with some of the other guys here at TNG and we came up with our list of games that deserve the treatment. We are going to try and stay away from games that are still getting love in the form of good sequels or reboots (like DOOM, Wolfenstein, COD, etc) but no promises. 

5. Need For Speed: Underground- I know I know I just said we were going to avoid games that are still getting sequels. Actually what I said was games that are getting GOOD sequels. Payback does not meet those criteria. Everybody who even dabbles in games remembers NFS:U. It had something for everybody. I have to say, I like NFS: Hot Pursuit 2 better but there is a reason that this game made the list and HP2 did not. It’s the same reason that I think this game needs to be remastered and not rebooted; dat customization. This game let you express yourself through your car in a way that is lost on modern gaming. So what does that have to do with the remaster/reboot thing? Loot boxes. Can you imagine how EA would butcher that customization system in a modern reboot? It makes my soul sad. The improvements made to online gameplay would mean you could enjoy grinding for parts and paint and then show it off to the world.  

4. Splinter Cell- This game was one of the first games I remember playing in it’s entirety. I’ve always had a fairly short attention span for games but this one kept me hooked from beginning to end. My dad actually owns every (real) Tom Clancy book and I grew up around the name so I was excited to see what this game would be like and (even though it was a licensed product) it did not disappoint. It turned me onto the genre and developed the style of gameplay I would come to use in almost every game. The sequels were also a lot of fun and it’s a shame that the series is essentially dead now. I would love to play through it again with updated visuals and smoother mechanics and anybody who disagrees is nuts.   

3. Twisted Metal: Black- Twisted Metal: Black was truly something special. The premise and mechanics are timeless the only thing that keeps me from going back to it regularly is that every time I load it back up, I am able to distinguish less and less of what is happening. When I was younger and the game had just come out it looked exactly like real life to me but now, either due to being spoiled or getting older I can barely keep track. With the success of games like Rocket League, it seems like a no-brainer to bring back Twisted Metal but instead of a reboot, just bring back Black. I mean it had great maps, great characters and vehicles, and a surprisingly dark but touching backstory I never took the time to verify (not to mention one hell of an Easter egg. (Twisted Metal: Lost)). This is another title that will also benefit from the improvements made to online play.   

2. 007 Nightfire- Remember when 007 games were good? I mean they were fantastic. Well Nightfire was my favorite. I’ve kept my PS2 all of this time (multi tap and all) and it’s mainly for this game. Imagine how great this game could be with a spit-shine on the graphics and some slightly updated FPS mechanics. If this was going to be done, again, modern online play would make it all the better but it would be important to bring back split-screen and bots. One of the best parts of this game was the amount of customization you could put into a match. You could change the weapon set, the bot AI, gadgets, and a number of other things. It made for some great memories with your friends. There is a community on PC keeping a version of the game alive and I love that but it’s time to bring back the OG.  

 Honorable Mentions: Downhill Domination, Medieval, Burnout 3, Army of Two, Spyro 2.


1. Ratchet and Clack: Up Your Arsenal- This is my favorite game of all time. I played this game to the extent that it verged on unhealthy. I grinned for countless hours to unlock that sweet sweet armor and the RYNO. I played the PS3 remaster and it was quite a letdown. I know it’s naive to think I can recapture what it was like to play this game when I was younger but I would pay any amount of money to try. The multiplayer was fun and could be even more fun with improved online functionality. The story was great and the missions were very replayable. The way that loot worked made grinding challenging but rewarding. This game could thrive on modern systems.   


-TNG Contributors: EntryFraggot, ImaKindaCoolGuy