Monster Hunter: World Isn’t Quite The Beast We’d Hoped.


So if you follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or Twitch you know we streamed the new Monster Hunter to celebrate the first global launch of a game in the series. After we got some play time under our belts we all reached about the same conclusion. It wasn’t at all what we expected and wasn’t quite what we wanted. Now I’m not going to say this game was bad because it wasn’t at all and we didn’t get enough playtime to give any credibility to an official, thorough review. The game looks great and the bow-play was fun. Now that you all know I’m not trying to tear it down, let’s dive into the issues I have.

1. The Inventory System- Good god was this complex at first glance. I picked up all kinds of resources and I have no idea what they do. I’ve played games with complicated nventory systems before but this seemed needlessly so. Now I’m not quick to tear the game down for this because I never played the other ones. I’m sure for a seasoned player it all made sense. It also probably would have helped if I had read the tutorial but who has time for that? That actually brings me to my next issue.  

2. All Of The Reading- This is another instance of something I didn’t care for but I can’t really fault. The way I see it, they already had the English voice actors in for the little bits of sound the characters actually make so let’s just have them do all the lines. On the other hand, I understand the roots of the series. They come from a long line of handheld games on platforms that are nearly dominated by the JRPG genre. The style that they’ve adopted has built them a loyal fan-base so I don’t blame them for not shying far from it when they made the leap to at-home consoles.  

3. Some Minor Issues- The game plays well enough and looks great. The world is stunning (however tedious traversal may be at times). Still there were a few issues. Climbing is weird. You can climb some stuff that looks like you shouldn’t be able to but you can’t make any simple jumps up onto a slightly elevated surface. The clipping is wonky on NPCs and creatures so you can walk right through most people and through all but the center of small creatures (usually the docile ones that don’t aggro on site). All-in-all I guess it just feels like a Capcom title. 

So to sum things up, this game is by no stretch bad. It may not necessarily be our cup of tea but I can see somebody getting very sucked in. If you’re looking for a big world to kill some big things in and you don’t want to play Horizon: Zero Dawn or Final Fantasy XV then I’d say give it a shot. Just be sure to keep in mind that the first hour will be devoted to character customization, prologue, and more prologue. 


TNG Contributor- Tanner