I've Got A Bad Feeling About This. Can Solo Be Redeemed?


So we FINALLY got the Solo trailer today. It was more of a teaser but at least it was something. I know the general vibe here is that this is going to be a bad movie and so far I agree but I would love for this movie to be good. Look, I've been against this from the beginning. Ewan McGregor is the perfect age for a Kenobi solo film and that's what they should have done from the start. We got exactly the right amount of information on Han Solo in the previous films and there's no real need to delve into his backstory. A huge part of what made his character so iconic is the mystery surrounding him. It doesn't help that NOBODY WANTED THIS MOVIE IN THE FIRST PLACE. Even though I've hated this movie from the time that they announced it, I'm going to go into this with an open mind. Odds are, this is a bad movie but I want it to be good. I love Star Wars and even though everybody seemed to hate TLJ, I enjoyed it. I can enjoy changes in pace and tone and just like the universe and like to see what different people do with it. I don't want to let this movie change that. Star Wars isn't about accuracy or continuity. It's not even always about quality (looking at you, Attack of the Clones). Star Wars is about fun for everybody and right now we're in a phase where Disney is trying to bring in new fans (of all ages). This seems to be something along the lines of filling in blanks and familiarizing older characters for younger fans. I don't agree with it but I see that I'm not the demographic for this.


Anyway, Donald Glover is always great. I'm looking forward to seeing him and despite the rumors surrounding the lead, I'm going to try to give him a fair shake. John Williams is back, if only for the theme, and that’s good news. I also hear we may get some clarification on the whole Kessel Run thing. Rumor is Darth Vader was also spotted on set. I hope if that’s true then he’s done well. I would actually like to see some more of him in his prime. The effects look great in the teaser and I’m sure the story is going to be at least interesting. 


I want this movie to be good and do well so that Disney won't be afraid to keep doing good stand-alone Star Wars movies. I also kinda want this movie to tank so that Disney will learn not to just try to cash in on nostalgia. Whatever happens with this movie I'll be indifferent I think. 


Conclusion: You can’t capture lightening in a bottle twice. When will they learn?