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Welcome to Channel 3. Here you can find updates on all things nerd. All fandoms are welcome and appreciated. Expect to find news and discussions on past and future film,TV, and games. The time has come for the geek to have his day and the entertainment industry knows it. These are exciting times we live in. Comics are being adapted left and right into awesome new TV and movies. Gaming is bigger than it’s ever been. Even the film industry, for all of their duds, is putting out some exciting stuff!

If it turns out that there is an interest here look forward to a podcast starting up soon featuring the C3 crew! Be sure to follow me on Twitter for news as I hear it. If you’d like to find some more discussions on things like The ArrowverseGotham (TV)MarvelThe MCUStar Wars, or Star Trek just click on it! Comments are always open here so feel free to join in the discussion. Happy reading!



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